The earliest Christians met in homes, ate together, worshipped together, and devoted themselves to learning God’s Truth. Acts 2:42 At Faith & Reason Ministries, we meet together, eat together, worship together, and devote ourselves to learning the Truth about God and the Bible, His Word. We encourage discussion and honest questions. We are just regular folks worshipping an amazing God. Think of us as a little bit retro. Like 33AD retro. Join us for breakfast & worship.
On Sundays we normally begin with a potluck breakfast, announcements, a time of prayer and worship, followed by the reading of Scripture. Typically there will be additional prayer and worship, followed by the teaching and then concluding with worship. We regularly include communion and baptism. Children’s activities normally occur at the same time as the adult activities. The children will on occasion join the adults for the first prayer and worship time before moving to their own area. They will then have prayer and a Bible lesson followed with fun activities. The children often rejoin the adults at times of communion or baptism.